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Spectrum Results for centrifugal pump cavitation

    • DKY2Y

      I have just completed my impeller design using Vista CPD and created the cavitation simulation on Ansys CFX. However, I have carried out a transient simulation of the impeller using the following data:

      Total Time= 5s 
      Time steps=0.01 s
      Initial time=0 s

      Output control
      Time step=100

      Transient Results:
      Time step interval=10

      Does the spectrum results for the transient simulation look sensible as seen from the attached pictures? The data for the pump was obtained from a journal article where the pump has a high flow rate and high output pressure hence this explains why the transient results shows a high output

    • Raef.Kobeissi
      I think a time step of 0.01s is not sufficient for such analysis, it needs to be 1e-3 minimum (also it depends on your mesh resolution).

    • DKY2Y

      Hi, thank you for your assistance. I have changed my time step to 1e-3 seconds just yesterday. Does it look like it is converging properly as seen in the attached picture.

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