Speed torque curve of synchronous reluctance motor

    • sampathkumar

      I got speed torque curve of permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor like this.Base speed is 750RPM.But here the constant torque region is upto 600 RPM for the rated torque of 13Nm.I mean constant torque region has to get extended upto base speed,but torque is falling before 750 RPM.What is the reason for this?How to avoid this issue?I request to please suggest me the changes that are to be incorporated?

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee


      Hi sampathkumar,

      Ansys employees cannot provide assistance with design decisions. If there is any query related to the tool usage we will be happy to help you.

      you can check what parameters can cause the torque to fall below your expectation. Something like, is the upper limit of the voltage reached due to back emf being more? and improvise on those lines

      We encourage others in the forum to pitch in to comment on this.




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