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SPH Contact to Flexible FEM Bodies Not Working

    • Jacob Ellis

      I have a simple sphere of SPH water colliding with a flexible steel container.

      I have contact thickness set to yes in SPH Controls.

      I raise the contact/target stiffness by a factor of 100. Friction coefficient is set to 0.1.

      Stress appears so there seems to be some contact happening.

      But as you can see, the particles are still popping out of the bottom of the container.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      Maintain a small offset between the SPH part and Outer mesh this will ensure the contact is being made correctly , LS-Dyna WB SPH packing is not as good as LSPP. 

      If you have shell in outer mesh, try to use ITHK in control_sph and align normals towards the SPH part. 

      Cheers, Ram 

    • Jacob Ellis

      Hi Ram,

      The container is made of solid elements. Do you mean adding an offset by increasing the Optional Thicknesses here:

      The two bodies start quite a distance apart already. 

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