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Sphere test

    • Adisa


      I am doing sphere test  like this:

      I apply the initial velocity 3,7 m/s on the ball, but in the results the velocity  of the ball grow up to 3,7337 m/s but the velocity of the part is 4

      Can anyone explain.

      Transient structural2 Ansys 18.2

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Adisa,

      1. You didn't change the Step End time from the default of 1 second to something relevant to your problem, like 1e-2

      2. You have an Initial Time Step of 3.7e-3, but the object travelling at 3700 mm/s will have moved 13.69 mm in that time. Try an Initial Time step at least 10 times smaller, I have set 1e-4 and I set the Maximum Time Step to 1e-3.

      I ran with the settings above and here is the contact pressure result. You can see that at 1e-2 seconds, the ball has bounced off the bar.

      Here is the directional velocity of the ball. It starts at the initial velocity, and rebounds with a smaller velocity.

      You have two planes of symmetry that would allow you to solve a 1/4 model, saving you some time.





    • Adisa

      Peter thanks.Now it is OK.

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