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Splitting the facet body into two parts using SpaceClaim

    • jainsam


      I am working on a bone structure made up of various elements with each having a distinct material property. I have to split the bone into two parts for the simulation of a fracture.

      I know that there is an option called split in SpaceClaim which could be used to cut the body into two. But in my case, since I have a huge number of elements/faceted bodies that I have to split using a plane, is there any way by which I can directly split the complete body(with all faceted bodies combined) using a single command? For now, I am able to cut each individual body, but not all at once.

      I also tried scripting in SpaceClaim, but I was not able to select the elements/facet body through code. If anyone can also help me with how to select the faceted bodies, then that would be very great as I can use the for loop after that.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      I am not sure why you cant select multiple bodies from the structure tree and split them all at once with a single plain? Something similar to what is done below.

      Regards Ishan.
    • jainsam
      Thank you for your answer. But the problem was that I have more than 300 such bodies which I cannot select each one by clicking(even that I have to do it for multiple cases).
      I found the answer myself using the scripting option in SpaceClaim and accessing each facet body through GetRootPart().Meshes[i]

      Thanks & Regards
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