Spontaneous four wave mixing simulation in varFDTD/FDTD?

    • EricJzzz


      I am trying to simulation spontaneous four wave mixing (sFWM) in varFDTD and FDTD module. I followed the tutorial here ( and I disabled the signal while keeping the pump source enabled. I was expecting small signal and idler photon peaks would show up at resonances due to sFWM effect but it doesn't. It seems that the signal sidebands still dominate and I only observed small dips in transmission shown in figure. I was wondering if this is the correct way to siumulate sFWM? Or is it possible to simulate such effect in Lumerical?

      Any suggestions are much appreciated.

    • Greg Baethge
      Ansys Employee

      Thanks for posting your question on the forum. I'm not too familiar with sFWM, but I don't think the material model used here (Chi3 Raman Kerr) is able to handle this. With just the pump source, you will get the initial signal and the third harmonic (around 510nm). This material model is described in the Advanced and custom optical material models.
      Modeling sFWM could be possible, but my guess is it might need a new model using the flexible material plugin framework.
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