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Spring connections in 2-D model don’t move with the body they are attached to

    • Diane


      I am using longitudinal spring connections in a 2D model where one of the bodies changes location (body movement in DesignModeler). The problem is that when the body displaces it seems that the spring doesn't move with it as shown in the screenshots below. However, if we look at the spring connection details it is still defined correctly to the regions chosen before the displacement occurred. Does this mean that the spring will take into account the displacement or not? 

      Before Displacement

      After Displacement

      Spring Details (Still correctly scoped)

      I have noticed that if I choose Apply by "Direct Attachment" instead of "Remote Attachment" in the details of the spring, the latter moves with the body as desired. But then the issue would be that the Scope has to be a vertex and I need it to be an edge. 

      Could you please help me know how I can define spring connections that would move with the body they are attached to? 

      Thank you!

      Best regards, 

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Diane,

      What you have is giving you the wrong model. The end of the spring is defined by Global Coordinates and that is not updating when the circle moves.

      You must create a Coordinate System that is scoped to the edge that moves. Call that the Circle Coordinate System for example.

      Delete the spring and create a new one, don't try to edit the spring that you have.

      Notice that there is a coordinate system line to define each end of the spring, and it defaults to Global Coordinates.

      Pull down and select the Circle Coordinate System before you click the edge on the circle you want.

      For the other end of the spring, you can leave that as Global Coordinates if the square doesn't move. You can do the same trick and make a Square Coordinate System if the square also moves.

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    • Diane

      Thank you for your help Peter! 

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