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General Mechanical

Spring joint vs Bushing joint

    • vijaykumar.chauhan

      Hello Guys,

      I have Rubber damper in my Model. Which is best approach for the Contact definition ?

      1. Spring joint with Damoing in all three Axis
      2. Bushing joint
    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hello vijaykumar.chauhan,
       It all depends on your application and the constraints you want to define.
      Springs can be used when stiffness behavior in a specific direction is observed.
      You can define the appropriate type of joint depending on your requirement for degrees of freedom like translational or rotational.
      The following references may serve helpful in understanding the behavior of Springs and Bushing joints, and you can model the rubber damper by setting appropriate stiffness or damping.

      Springs (
      Bushing Joint (
      Joint Types (

      The video too might serve helpful in understanding different Kinematic constraints and how to define them in Ansys Mechanical-
      Creating Kinematic Constraints Between Parts - Lesson 5 - ANSYS Innovation Courses

      Hope this helps!

      • vijaykumar.chauhan

        Hello Sahil,

        Thank you for the reply. Thing is i am using spring (with damping) in three direction to represent the damper. I also have structure damping of 0.02. I am using mode super position method to performe the harmonic analysis. 

        I have some question regards to that.

        1. which damping will be taken in to account in harmonic analysis ? (damping from spring or over all damping coeff.)
        2. do i need to use full analysis instead of mode super position ?
        3. which solver gives the better result for modal analysis ? full damped or reduced damp ?

        Thank you in advance !!

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