Square fuel tank with jet fuel inside and simulate the temperature cooling.

    • Chun-Wei Tsai


      I am currently trying to build a model of a square fuel tank (will start from 2D if success will move to 3D), I am wondering what are the steps to build the model that can simulate a square fuel tank contains half jet fuel vapour and half jet fuel liquid in a freezing temperature (approximately -70 degree C). The result will be looking at the temperature profile over times. I am thinking about transient thermal in the workbench but not sure what are the general procedure.

      Thank you very much!

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      "contains half jet fuel vapour and half jet fuel liquid"

      Can you please elaborate on this, perhaps by sharing some illustrations? 


      I would recommend you to try this out in the Ansys Fluent. 

      Check out this link: 

      Chapter 20: Using the VOF Model (ansys.com)

      Chapter 19: Modeling Evaporating Liquid Spray (ansys.com)

      If you are not able to access the link, refer to this forum discussion: 



    • SRP


      In order to carry out the simulation, I advise using the multiphase model (VOF).

      For more details about the multiphase, please refer to the theory guide: Chapter 14: Multiphase Flows (ansys.com)

      Also, please refer to the user's guide: Chapter 22: Modeling Multiphase Flows (ansys.com)

      Hope you find this useful

      Thank you

    • Chun-Wei Tsai

      Sorry if I didn't make the question clear enough, I am going to build a simple square model with fuel already inside. I want to place the model in a very cool condition (about -70 degree celcius) for a certain time, and I want to see the temperature contour plot and observe that how long does it take for the fuel inside the square tank to reach a certain temperature. 

      Thank you very much!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      OK, so the multiphase part of the examples is OK, you need to patch the fuel level. Note, you'll need a vent otherwise the whole system is going to get interesting unless the gas is compressible! Don't forget you'll need density to vary with temperature & turn gravity on if you want to see natural convection. 

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