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ssh Xming no display

    • rongnie


      I'm trying to run HFSS on cluster using ssh and xming. But the xming only shows a blank window. The software version is ANSYS EM 19.5. After I typed in 'ansysedt' it gives me two warnings:

      '### Warning: Dependency package giflib is not installed.'

      '### Warning: Dependency package mesa-dri-drivers is not installed.'

      Then the xming server window pops up, but it's entirely blank. I don't know if these errors have some relationship with the display problem.

      I have tested xming with other programs, for example, it works well with ANSYS 192 (not ANSYS-EM) and ipython plot. Thus I guess xming itself is good.

      Any help is appreciated!



    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      This is definitely a graphics related issue. xming is not officially supported. 

      Most ANSYS applications need a working, accelerated OpenGL back end, the higher the version, the more the requirement. You could try setting the following environment variables but the results for each unsupported systems may vary.

      export ANS_IGNOREOS=1

      export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

      export ANS_SKIP_MWLIBX11_PATH=1

      export ANS_NODEPCHECK=1



      Also, before the launch, try resetting the following:

      mv ~/Ansoft/ElectronicsDesktop2019.3  ~/Ansoft/ElectronicsDesktop2019.3.bak

      mv ~/.mw  ~/.mw.bak


    • rongnie


      Thank you so much! I've tried the environment and mv setting but did not work for me.

      'Most ANSYS applications need a working, accelerated OpenGL back end' does this mean we have to have OpenGL installed on remote machine? (In my case, OpenGL on cluster) Or does this mean we need OpenGL on local machine?

      Also, since xming is not officially supported, can we use other graphic clients instead of xming?

      Thanks again!!

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      It depends on how on remote tool is handling graphics rendering, most of the time it's server side because it means you don't to render it through network. If it's server side, then you need those graphics requirements on the remote machine that opening the software (ANSYS in this case)

      I've attached the following links:


      Remote tool

      If these can't be accomplished , I'd recommend to setup Ansoft RSM , so client can open the tool on their local machine and submit the job to the cluster (from their local machine)



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