stagger Positions of DPM

    • rl640

      Hi all

      I am using the Fluent's DPM model to model a droplet injection. The injection type is the Cone type. Particles are injected at the particle time step which is 0.0002 s while the fluid time step is 0.005 s. I would like the particles are injected at the random position within the Cone's orifice. So I ticked on the "Stagger Positions". But the result shows that the particles are injected at the same position in a fluid time step and the position is changed until the next fluid time step. How can I make it change at each particle time step? 

      Thanks in advance.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Please look for more information here in Staggering of Particles in Space and Time in Fluent User's Guide

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