Standard Initialization and patching via TUI- journal file

    • Biborka Boga

      Hi! I am trying to perform the initialization via TUI through a journal file. I have a multiphase problem (two phases), and previosuly I have defined also a cell register (region0).

      After initialization I have performed the patching of VOF  phase 2 to 0.99 in the previously mentioned cell register.

      Can you please let me know how can I mention this patching in the journal file?

      In the Ansys Fluent Text Command List I have found: solve/initialize/vof-patch-smooth-options/ as a text command for patching, however in this case I do not know how to specify the region, phase, etc.

      My assumption looks like, however unfortunately this does not work


      Can you pls offer me some hints how can I write this text command in an appropriate way?

      Thank you very much in advance!

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please check /solve patch

      Please go through help manual for more details 



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    • Biborka Boga

      Thank you very much your response!

      Best regards,


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