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Starting license server with systemd

    • ldbuffalo

      I am trying to start license with systemd but I have to get the web client up on the server every time. If I use the command option it starts and works for about 5 minutes and then dies. Web client start works continuously with out a problem. But it's a manual process and does not work well with server reboot. Is there something I possibly missing and/or there is a way to automate the web process somehow ?

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Please see below from the License Management Guide:

      3.2. Starting the Ansys Licensing Tomcat Server at System Boot Time
      You can set Tomcat to start automatically at system boot time on Linux machines. This task is optional but is recommended and should be done regardless of which type of license server configuration you use. The License Management Center runs using the Tomcat web server. This task is required to be able to run the License Management Center.
      Table3.1:Tomcat Automatic Startup Instructionsdetails the steps that must be performed on each Linux license server to start Tomcat automatically when the system is rebooted.
      Note:The procedure described in this section starts Tomcat at boot time as root. It is not essential that Tomcat be started by the root user; it may be run by a non-privileged user, depending on your preference. If you do not want Tomcat to be started by root, modify the LMUSER value in theinit_ansyslm_tomcatboot script to include the user login name you want to use at boot time. This user must have read/write access to all files contained in the following directories:
      Table 3.1: Tomcat Automatic Startup Instructions
      PlatformInstructionsLinux: Red Hat, SuSE and CentOS
      Issue the Tomcat startup instructions:
      cp /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/init_ansyslm_tomcat /etc/init.d
      chmod 555 /etc/init.d/init_ansyslm_tomcat
      chkconfig --add init_ansyslm_tomcat
      chkconfig init_ansyslm_tomcat on

      Once the procedure is in place for starting Tomcat automatically at boot time, reboot the system to verify that the automatic boot procedure is working correctly.
      When the system comes back up, check to see that Tomcat is running by typing the appropriatepscommand and looking forinit_ansyslm_tomcatin the resulting display under the column labeled COMMAND. For example:
      ps -ef|grep tomcat

      Removing the Tomcat Automatic Startup Information
      If you remove the license manager server installation from a machine and need to remove Tomcat Automatic Startup capability, follow the instructions below.
      Table 3.2: Removing Tomcat Automatic Startup Instructions
      PlatformInstructionsLinux: Red Hat, SuSE and CentOS
      Issue the following commands:
      /etc/init.d/init_ansyslm_tomcat stop
      chkconfig --del init_ansyslm_tomcat
      rm /etc/init.d/init_ansyslm_tomcat

    • ldbuffalo
      Hello, Thank you, the only issue I am running license server on Ubuntu box. I am thinking to add init_ansyslm_tomcat start command to the service script, do you think it will start fast enough so the next step will be ready to proceed ? or should I have separate service file for it.
      Again Thank you much

    • ldbuffalo
      Am I the only one who has the issue ? ATM I am solving the issue by starting tomacat manually , hope I will have some time and I will change it to work with systemctl, but if someone has done it already please do share it to save me time. Thank you much

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