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    • jonathan.farrugia.16

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      Hello, I just downloaded Ansys Discovery Live student version for a project I'm working on. I am trying to simulate the following real life situation :

      I have a small aluminium pressure vessel filled with water up till half of its height. Then the vessel is closed and pressurized. Air flow is stopped and the vessel is sealed say at 8 bar.

      I managed to construct the vessel. However I cannot find how to input a static body of water into it. I can only let water flow inside from a hole. Secondly, I would like to let air flow in up till a certain pressure and then stop the flow and seal the vessel (with some sort of valve I imagine)

      Any ideas how to implement this ?

      Any sort of help would be appreciated :)



    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jonathan Farrugia

      Discovery Live cannot simulate this type of problem involving multiple fluids, multi-stepping and compressible fluids. Please check out the capabilities chart of Discovery Live.

      Secondly, since you are using Ansys Discovery Live student version, I would recommend posting your questions on Ansys Learning Forum which is a dedicated forum for Students.

    • jonathan.farrugia.16

      Many thanks for your reply !

      Have a good day :)

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