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Static and total temperatures for periodic ht calculation

    • atulsingh92

      The following is mentioned for periodic heat transfer in the user manual.

      My question is, if we are calculatign heat flux from first principles, (mCp Tout-Tin) for a tube. Should these temperatures used be static or total temperatures?
      Also what is the difference between them?
      The question arises from the for periodic heat transfer, only static temperature was mentioned and not total.
      Should total temperature be ignored when calculating Ti and To for periodic interfaces?
    • Kishan Konannavar
      Ansys Employee
      It would be static temperature. Please refer to the following links:
      37.4. Alphabetical Listing of Field Variables and Their Definitions (ansys.com)
      Re: Static temperature vs. Total temperature ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum
      Hope it helps!
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