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Static Simulation of a bolt acting like a pin

    • salocin155

      Hello guys i have to simulate a bolt that acts like a pin supporting a weight its fixed on a hollow square bar would like to prove that my bolt wont shear our break and also my square bar. Im pretty shure i should simplify my system for the study. Will post some images of what i have done would like to someone with more knowledge then me to validate them. All helps and orientation are welcome


      Image of my full lever arm:

      Image of the square bar that supports the bolt and the slod with the weight:

      Test of the bolt M6 i did a lot of spliting on its surface so i could get the exact points its supported on the square bare to fix it and aply the force on the area where the rod is compressing it. My doubt is if it would better maybe to use compression support on the bolt where its supported on the square bar this case i used fixed. From the equivalent it looks like the boundaries are correct if someone could comprove this.

      With this von misses shear stress i can guarante it wont shear and that my square bar wont compress too.


    • peteroznewman

      Yes, the Compression Only support would be better than a Fixed Support. There could be some numerical problems that occur during solving, or you could get lucky.


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