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Static Structural 2D line body importing problem.

    • Bilal Akdağ

      Hello, My license is 2023 R2 educational. I have a problem with importing body in static structural section. Im a solidworks user on CAD side, Just created a bridge made of lines, exported it as step file and tried to import into geometry.

      this is the response I get

      And this is the line body I wanted to import

      This is the response I get when I create same sketch with design modeler:


      Please help.

    • Ankush Choudhary
      • Bilal Akdağ

        I am not sure if my problem is related to that. My problem can be simplified as 2D. 

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      As mentioned in properties (Analysis Type) you need to set it to 3D as beam/lines will not work with 2D option.

      To have 2D in the 3D analysis then just fix the Z - direction on all nodes and the ROTX and ROTY.

      Set a snippet with:




      That makes it 2D in principle

      • Bilal Akdağ

        Tried it in 3D too. Still did not work. I found the reason. There was no cross section dimensions. So when I attached a cross section dimension to sketch by design modeler, it worked. But I need something faster. A step file to be imported in sketch so I can define a cross section dimensions in the inside of ansys.

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