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Static structural analysis

    • mstricks

      I am trying a simulation in my friend laptop having good configuration. 

      Description of geometry- The geometry having three parts each part is tightly holding each other.

      Boundary condition-One end part is fixed and nodal load is applied at different cross section with decreasing load.

      I am getting error unable to find what to do.

      Can any one help me

      error 1error 2error 3contacts showingtype of contactshowing nodal forces


      I am doing using ansys acp and structural analysis it is carbon fibre rod the smallest tube is stainless steel.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Firstly, Do a modal analysis on this model with all supports that you are using in static analysis. This will show you the sufficiency of supports (or lack of) in the model.

      Next, once there are no zero-frequency modes in your model, run the static again and see if it runs. If it doesn't check the solve.out file and search for errors in that file, then check for those errors on the forum, if you do not find any answers, please post just the errors in the solve.out file here.


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    • mstricks

      Thanks Aniket sir

      I have checked the geometry in modal analysis and i found the problem the contacts were not defined properly because of geometrical reasons.

      I ANSYS ACP I found that if you apply 10 layers of 0.2mm thickness the thickness will increase to 4mm of tube and I was assuming it 2mm. Just because of it was not able to figure out problem.

      Just because of I got eyes to see this .


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