Static Structural- Inconsistent Multizone Meshing on the same geometries

    • boonthiam13

      Hi guys:

      I am meshing an array of cylindrical shells (with the same dimensions) using Multizone meshing method. However, it happened that some of the cylindrical shells failed in meshing. As you can see from the attached image, the mesh lines on the peripheral surfaces are seemingly twisted to a certain angle and minor deformation is observed as well. Any idea what was going on?

    • Karthik R


      Could you please embed your image directly into the post? Please use the 'Insert Image' option. As Ansys employees, we are not able to download any attachments.

      Are all your cylinders being recognized as 'Sweepable' elements?

      Are you also specifying the 'Source and Target' surface under the Multizone settings? If not, could you please manually set these faces?



    • boonthiam13

      Hi Kremella:

      Thanks for your reply. Sorry about the previous post that I didn't show the image properly and please refer to the image embedded below. Yes, all the cylindrical shells are identified as "sweepable bodies". I have also tried out the method you suggested, by manually specifying the source (I picked the hollow circular surface as the source) under the Multizone setting. Still, the problem is not solved.

      Also, I got two error message as below:

      i) The meshing has completed, but some elements are not compliant with the applied shape checking criteria.

      ii) A mesh could not be generated using the current meshing options and settings.

      You can also access my file through this link: ANSYS File

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      As ANSYS Staff, we can not download attachments. Please insert images using insert image functionality. 

      please split each cylinder into two cylinders so that sour face is semi circular. 

      try to use sweep method. 




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