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Static Structural Reference Temperature

    • Ashton Purcell

      I should preface this with I am extremely new to Ansys and working on my first simulation. I am using Ansys Mechanical primarily to investigate thermal stress and strain between plates of diferent material soldered together. I built a solidworks assmebly of 4 rectangular prisms mated together forming a stack and imported the STEP file to WB and then Mechanical. Each body has been assigned a different material with differing CTEs. Under my Static Structural (B5) I set an Environmental Temperature of 22C and inserted a Thermal Condition that varies with my steps. When I go to solve I get a warning that the reference temperatures for some of my CTEs differ from that set by the environment. From looking at resources it seems that I need to change the Reference Temperature of each body from "By Environment" to "By Body", however this box is greyed out and I am unable to do so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Ashton,
      It seems you have used the material assignment option in the model; that's why it grayed out in the geometry. You can change the reference temperature in the material assignment tree under the material. You will have the option to change the reference temperature in the geometry if you don't use the material assignment.


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