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Static Structural solution export

    • javieraruz

      Hello all! 

      I am currently working with Ansys Static Structural, focusing my analysis on principal stresses (solutions I am looking for are magnitude of the maximum principal stress and the orientation of the principal stress vectors). I am exporting my data to a txt file, to process on another program for result visualization. I am exporting the vector principal stress solution, which includes node, node location, magnitude of the three principal stresses and rotations on the XY, YZ and ZX planes (please find attached an image of the table). However, I don't understand the values for the last three columns (Rotation XY, YZ, ZX planes - in degrees), and how they represent the orientation of the principal stresses. 

      I have been trying to look out for manuals or similar questions, but was unable to find anything clear. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. 

      Thanks a mil!


    • BenjaminStarling


      This Euler angle sequence is ThetaXY, ThetaYZ, and ThetaZX and orients the principal coordinate system relative to the global system.

      In other words take your global X axis, and rotate it according to those rotations and this new coordinate system with be representative of the direction of max, mid, and min principal stress. I'm not sure if it is based on X actually being Max prin, it may be arbitrary. You should be able to validate this by creating a new CS with those rotations at the Global, then translating it to a position near your result.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Thanks Benjamin, most users on here can't access the online help directly as it's connected to the secure side of public ANSYS: the online help through software bypasses those checks but links don't work.  The sections you're after are:

      Using Results > Structural Results > Stress and Strain > Vector Principals

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