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Static structural study of a door sytem to torsion and vertical loads.

    • Joao Vilas
      Hi Everyone, 
      Currently, I am doing my thesis, where I am studying the behavior of a door system to different types of loads. I am using beams elements, and I am having some problems defining contacts and not over constraining the model.  The door system that I am studying is made of 3 different materials, 2 polymers and 1 steel having 5 different sections inside a solo profile, as I will show in the figures below. 
      When I extract the beams,  each beam of the door origins 5 beams (one for each section of the profile) so I need to define contacts between those beams. 
      It is also important to know that every door in the planet has 2 frames, one that is movable (when You open the door,the door opens) and one that is fixes to the ground and to the walls, and where the movable frame connects and closes. 
      My first question is? 
      Should I define a beam contact between every beam of a profile? 
      Secondly, these are the errors that show up in my simulation 
      1- A remote point using the beams formulation was defined that the pilot node and connection  topology causes coincident nodes. To avoid a zero length beam element, an additional node was created to tie the nodes  together. As a result, the stiffness of the connection may be slightly reduced as that location. 
      2- Joint are being used in the current analysis with large deflection turned off. Thus, only linearized joint behavior will be considered....
      3-One or more MPC contact regions or remote boundary conditions may have conflicts with other boundary conditions or other contact or symmetry regions. 
      In the first simulation it is not expected to study the behavior of  the hinges so, I established a joint between the 2 frames.
      The objective is to study the deformation of a door if a force is applied to the movable frame in the up horizontal frame.  So I applied 5 forces of the same magnitude one to each one of the 5 beams created for the up frame. 
      Also applied beams connections between each one of the 5 beams of every frame of the system.
    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joao,

      Are you using a remote point to join two beams at a common node location? If yes, then this might be causing the first warning. You can try using the node merge option.

      (305) ANSYS Mechanical: Node Merge - YouTube

      You can turn on large deflections to see the stiffness update during the analysis. 

      To Use Large Deflection or Not, That Is the Question - PADT (

      On third warning: MPC Contacts in ANSYS - Yes or No? - FEA Tips

      Please see if the above links help.


      Ashish Khemka


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