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General Mechanical

Static/Structural Unable to converge to a solution

    • ZGL1

      Hello all, I have been trying to get this model to converge in a simulation for quite some time. I have tried various boundary and contact conditions. I had some gap issues when I ran the contact tool's initial information, and so I modified the geometry such that the inherent gap was small enough that I would not receive the red/orange "errors" that was indicated as an issue. However, I am still unable to get the model to converge.

      Note: The applied load is a rotational velocity about the z-axis (in/out of page). The two bodies are joined via a bonded connection. Ideally, I would like to change this to a frictional contact, but wanted to keep it simpler for now.

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee
      This is a duplicate of - Problem with convergence for a static/structural simulation ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum
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