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Static Structural – Workbench, doesn’t work: PROBLEM SIZE LIMITS?

    • Gabriele9


      I am actually using Ansys 2020 R2, student version. I created the mesh with 31680 cells and 93500 nodes (under Ansys student limits), but when I try to solve the simulation I run into the following problem but only when I apply a momentum on my structure:

      "Your product license has numerical problem size limits, you have exceeded these problem size limits and the solver cannot proceed.".

    • peteroznewman
      nIf the model ran without the Moment, it shouldn't have, there are too many nodes. If we ignore that fact for a moment and think about a model that has less than 32,000 nodes or elements in the mesh, that will run if forces and displacements are applied directly to the nodes. When the solver starts, no new nodes or elements are created.nThere are two examples where new nodes and elements are created when you click Solve that add to the number of nodes and elements in the Mesh. One kind uses a Remote Point, which I think the Moment might be doing, another kind is Contact. The added nodes and elements can push the total over the limit. This can be frustrating because on a small mesh of 20,000 elements, if most of the surface has a contact definition, it can exceed the 32,000 element count.nLooking at your mesh, this looks like sweepable geometry. I recommend you add a Mesh Method for Sweep. That way you can define a larger element size along the sweep direction and easily get the node count below the limit. Another idea is that this could be analyzed as a 2D Plane Strain model and then the mesh will be very small. Put the end face of this profile on the global XY plane. If you do that, you have to start over because the Geometry cell in Workbench has to have the Analysis Type set to 2D before the Mechanical model attaches. You can't edit it after that first attach.n
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