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General Mechanical

Static Structure Tensile Test.

    • Yusuf_Acet

      Peace be upon you,
      I'm a student at Sakarya University in Turkey. I have a question and if you help me I will be so happy God willing. 

      I can't analyze specimen breaking on tensile test simulation in Static structure
      the results seems like that; (the image is below the text)

      But ıt has to break actually. Because I entered ıt too many displacement value

      if I analyze the same analysis on Explicit Dynamics, The result seems like that; (the image is below the text)

      Can ı see the specimen breaking like Explicit Dynamics in Static Stcurture ?  And İf I can see the specimen breaking on Static Structure , How Can I make it ? What Can I need to change for the simulation?  
    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Please check:

      For Ekill script mentioned in the thread, please google "performing ekill element death in mechanical"


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    • michail.stockfelt

      Why is that Ekill thing not a feature of ANSYS out of the box? We are trying to find out when things break all days long!

    • michail.stockfelt


      Yes, element Birth and Death exists. If it was not obvious from the context, it was the “more advanced operation” I referred to.

      Seems I need to be specific: in ANSYS Mechanical.


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