Steady-state thermal geometry attachment error

    • Trewise


      I am a student interested in Ansys. I am currently enrolled in the introductory class given by Cornell University via 

      In the class, we are performing 2D conduction. 

      While using the steady-state thermal analysis system, I created a sketch in geometry (and converted the curves into a surface with the pull function); however, I am getting an error message that says "Unable to attach geometry file" upon clicking model.

      I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but I get the same error message. 

      I created the sketch in the day plane. 

      How can I fix this issue?

    • peteroznewman

      In Workbench, did you click on the Geometry cell, and request Properties, then in the Properties window set the Analysis Type to 2D?

      If you did not, you must START OVER, you can't edit that after the geometry was read by the Model cell.

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