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Steel concrete composite beam

    • Suranjan Roy

      Hello Everyone,
      I am modeling steel concrete composite beam and using shell181 for steel section, beam188 for shear stud, solid65 for concrete and target170, contact174 for contact surfaces. i have merged shell elements for making i section. Unfortunately, the solution always has not been converged. it shows error. i could not understand how to solve it. followings are the examples of error. Please help me someone. i am in crucial moment.

      * WARNING * CP = 8.688 TIME= 10:42:03
      The current solution may have been produced using different model or
      boundary condition data than is currently stored. POST1 results may
      be erroneous unless you perform a new solution using the stored data.

      * ERROR * CP = 9.781 TIME= 10:43:12
      Subscript range error. Parameter _ZC is dimensioned as 20, but
      location 23 is being requested

      * ERROR * CP = 9.828 TIME= 10:43:44
      No data exists for dimensioned parameter _ZC with subscript 23.

      * ERROR * CP = 9.844 TIME= 10:43:46
      The above error occurred processing field= _ZC(_Z1)
      Line= *ENDIF.

      * WARNING * CP = 10.781 TIME= 10:45:01
      MCHECK is not a recognized SOLUTION command, abbreviation, or macro.
      This command will be ignored.

      * WARNING * CP = 11.031 TIME= 10:45:11
      Element 561 node 359 is part of a set of 4 exterior element faces. One
      or more elements may be missing from the analysis model.

      * WARNING * CP = 11.141 TIME= 10:45:12
      Element 837 node 787 is part of a set of 4 exterior element faces. One
      or more elements may be missing from the analysis model.

      * WARNING * CP = 27.422 TIME= 10:51:27
      Maximum friction coefficient 0.3 is defined in the model. Switch to
      the unsymmetric solver (NROP,UNSYM) instead if convergence difficulty
      is encountered.

      * ERROR * CP = 3208.312 TIME= 1166
      One or more elements have become highly distorted. Excessive
      distortion of elements is usually a symptom indicating the need for
      corrective action elsewhere. Try incrementing the load more slowly
      (increase the number of substeps or decrease the time step size). You
      may need to improve your mesh to obtain elements with better aspect
      ratios. Also consider the behavior of materials, contact pairs,
      and/or constraint equations. If this message appears in the first
      iteration of first substep, be sure to perform element shape checking.

      * WARNING * CP = 3208.562 TIME= 116:55
      The unconverged solution (identified as time 150000 substep 999999) is
      output for analysis debug purposes. Results should not be used for
      any other purpose.

    • Suranjan Roy

    • peteroznewman

      Would you be willing to create this model in ANSYS Student 18.2 using the Mechanical interface instead of APDL?

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