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    • Winzozz

      Hi all!

      I'm an aerospace engineering student from Italy, I'm preparing my thesis with ANSYS and I've got some problems: the objective is obtain the stiffness matrix of my composite plate, but ANSYS seems like to always reject my request with this error:

      *SMA Command : Fails to open the file file.full. 

      That's the code I used:

      ! Gets Stiffness Matrix

      *SMAT, MatK, D, import, full, file.full, stiff

      *SMAT, Nod2Bcs, D, import, full, file.full,NOD2BCS

      *print, MatK, matk.txt ! Exports Stiffness Matrix to Text File

      *export, MatK, mmf, matkMMF.txt ! Exports Stiffness Matrix as MMF format

      I'm also attaching my project if you want to know more about it. I use ANSYS 19.2.

      Best regards,


    • BenjaminStarling

      Where and when are you using that script? I have downloaded the project and can't find the script in the mechanical application. I also could not find the FULL file in your solver directory. Have a look at the WRFULL command to force get your full file.


      The script you have, at first glance, should work. 

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