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Stiffness matrix interpretation of the bearing element COMBI214

    • carlomariscotti
      I have some doubt about the element COMBI214, i have the radial, axial and tilting stiffness of the bearings which are assembled on my rotor (provided by SKF), i don't know how to convert the radial value of stiffness into the K11,K12,K21 and K22 values that the matrix representation of the COMBI214 element needs.

      I also thinked to introduce longitudinal springs to simulate the axial stiffness of the bearings but i still have doubt about how to consider the tilting stiffness of the bearing.
      Thank for the attention
    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Please see if the following link helps:

      Bearing stiffness and damping matrix COMBI214 ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum

      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • Hedzer Tillema

      Recently, SKF launched a dedicated App to model rolling bearings in Ansys Mechanical. Perhaps this could help you:

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