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Stop Saving Sweep Simulations – Just Save the Results

    • Nicholas Irvin

      I am running a sweep of two variables with 100 points of each variable. By default, my program saves the whole simulation file of each parameter set. That ends up with 10,000 simulations getting saved to my hard drive, which takes up too much room for my storage and results in an error. In order to reduce storage requirements, I want to stop saving each simulation of a sweep - I just want to save the one result computed within each simulation.

      Is it possible to turn off the saving of each simulation file that is run within a sweep? 

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Ufortunately you cannot pickup which swept files to save, since after simulation the sweep will reload the simulated files to pickup the results.

      What you can do is: reduce the number of sweeps, say 20 by 20, find the better parameter ranges and refine the sweep for another 20 by 20.  the drawback is it might miss the best parameter range. However for only two parameters you could run optimization directly, Unlike sweep, the optiization does not save files for each generation, which can save hardware space.

      You can also file a feature request: give an option to save only one set of swept files (up to the number of capacity in "Resources" or concurrent simulation) , meaning, pick up the simulated results before next sweep.  Please refer this post to write a request.

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