Storing drag force using UDF in DPM method

    • Sayantan Biswas

      Hello all,

      I'm working on two phases (Air-water) bubble column simulation (water is at batch mode, air is injected through bottom. The drag model is incorporated via UDF, I wish to store the drag force magnitude in a variable.

      Now in Euler-Euler approach, DEFINE_EXCHANGE_PROPERTY macro is used for drag force which takes the argument of cell and thread, therefore, any calculated variables or drag force can be stored using UDMIs. However, in DPM method, DEFINE_DPM_DRAG take the aurguments of Reynold's number and pointer only.

      How do I store drag force values in a variable in DPM approach? is it possible to create UDMIs in DPM method too?

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      in the DEFINE_DPM_DRAG you store the return value into Particle User Scalar.
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