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Strange deflection in static structural using ACP (Pre)

    • Gustavo294

      Hello everyone! I am trying to modelate a tensile test of a composite material, under standar ASTM D638, using ACP (Pre) with Static Structural. For simplicity I am modelating 1/4 of the geometry. However I am getting a strange deflection in the solution spot. I do not know if the model in ACP is wrong or is something in the Static Structural is. I am going to attach a few images for a better understanding.


      The laminate I am using is a balanced laminate with +/-45°. In the ACP I made a stackup of 2 laminas (one 45° and the other -45°. In the modeling ply group I used the stackup explained before but I added 3 layers (6 intercalated laminas in total).


      By the way, I used the maximum scale to be able to see the I am mentionating.


      Thank you in advance for any help.

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