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Strategy and Help in Modeling Scale Aircraft

    • taubearn
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      To Whom:

      As a novice Space Claim user, I have made some progress on my own with getting outlines from a scanned drawing, sourced from the internet, placed on appropriate planes for modeling a historical aircraft. However, I am having challenges with moving those scanned outlines from the original XY plane to another plane without leaving traces of the selected spline segments behind at the spline's original location and on the path to the desired and final location. Advice on how to move that geometry to a desired plane will be appreciated.

      Next, attached is a typical scanned drawing obtained from the internet I want to use as a starting point in modeling the exterior of the aircraft. So far, I have been importing the entire scanned drawing, with all views, into the XY plane and attempting to move selected splines to the other appropriate planes. Would a more productive strategy be to break the scanned drawing into multiple files, each containing one view of the aircraft (i.e. plan view, side view, front view and separate section views) and then drag and drop the appropriate scanned drawing view sub-file into the appropriate Space Claim plane? That geometry would then be fine positioned in each Space Claim plane for matching axis and location for accurately modeling the aircraft in 3D.

      The imported drawing(s) referenced in the previous paragraph are DXF format files that have the geometry shown in the attached JPEG file traced and turned into spline curves.

      Thank you in advance,I 

      Arnie Taube

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Arnold Taube

      You can use Move tool to move curve on a plane. I have created a short video to show this process. Please find it attached.

      I would recommend using a single image file with all the views. You can use Move tool to copy (by pressing Ctrl key) and rotate the single image on different planes to get better control while creating and matching the curves on different views. Using the approach of Splitting the image can also be helpful, but you need to ensure that the sizes of the images don't change.

      I am not sure if you are familiar with a tool called vectorize image which is very useful tool for extracting curves from images. Please check out the below video demonstrating this tool:

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