Streamline cannot flow through the boundary of rotation domain

    • mhm.luthfi

      Hello, my name is Luthfi, my team is doing a project related to the modelling of multistage rotor of water vortex turbine. We want to model the flow of water liquid through channel, basin, and the vortex rotates the rotor. We used spaceclaim to make the design, made the rotation domain enclosing the rotor or applying multi reference frame, and set the fluid domain here (pictures of "design"). We then used fluent meshing and set the fluid-fluid boundary so that the fluid can flow through the fluid domain of the basin to the domain of rotation enclosing the rotor (pictures of "meshing"). We set up the parameters by using steady state with velocity in the inlet of channel, then apply absolute rotational speed to the rotation domain, and relative 0 m/s velocity to the rotor (pictures of "setup"). When we did the simulation, the streamline result cannot penetrate the rotation domain (pictures of "result") though. What should we do to fix this?

      We would really appreciate any advice from the expert as we are new in this field. Thank you

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    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Looking at the Fluent part, why would the pathlines enter the section with the blades? Plot (in Fluent) the pathlines but also contours of tangential velocity. For the latter you may need to adjust the fluid zone reference frame. How are you controlling the rotation speed of the turbine part?

      • mhm.luthfi


        Dear Mr. Robert, 

        thank you for your reply.

        1) What do you mean by “why would the pathlines enter the section with the blades?” I haven’t even post the pathline above. The streamline above, is it supposed to flow through the domain of rotation Sir? 

        2) How can I post the picture in the reply comment. I have tried many times, but only the text is shown in the comment

        3) What do you mean by “adjust the fluid zone reference frame”?

        We set the rotation domain (above, middle, below) and the shaft by frame motion with any random rotation speed value (in my case I just chose -15 RPM). It was set up in cell zone condition.

        We then set the rotor wall with moving wall with speed of 0 m/s relative to the adjacent cell zone in boundary condition

        4) Is there any requirement to choose the right speed of rotation domain.


        Sorry for many questions,

        Thank you


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