Streamlines of a fluid moving inside a pipe that is also in motion

    • ewold


      I have a pipe that is being translated in space back and forth with fluid moving inside of it. When I try to visualize the velocity streamlines of the fluid, Fluent shows me streamlines that correspond to the velocity of the pipe, not the fluid inside the pipe. How can I see the streamlines of the fluid with respect to the pipe, even though the velocity vector is dominated by the overall movement of the pipe?



    • Karthik R


      Check out the 'Reference zone' from the 'Reference Values' set-up options (section 32.12.2., Fluent Users Guide). Selecting the desired reference zone will allow you to plot relative quantities. Also go through section 9.3.6. - Postprocessing for MRF and Mixing Plane Problem. Here is a snip.

      I hope this answers your question.

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