Strength analysis of river buoy

    • thanhttdt

      Hi everyone, 

      I'm looking into strength analysis of a buoy that suffered the load from wave, current and wind.

      I think that I can do something in fluent then export pressure on buoy's surface to static structure then check its structural strength.

      Can anyone suggest me how to do this task? or help me any document to have better understanding

      Many thanks

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you just want the loads etc you can also report forces in Fluent. You can also couple this to the 6DOF solver to see how the buoy moves against the free surface etc.  Note, unless you're actually going to squash/distort the float you may not need Mechanical. 

      As an aside, buoys can be dragged underwater by strong currents so make sure you set the buoyant forces correctly and to ensure this doesn't happen. 

    • thanhttdt

      Hi rwoolhou,

      Could you please share any tutorials or documents to understand more about this? 

      Thanks in advance!

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