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Stress analysis

    • Jeje


      i made a study and now i have to analyse my results. But i am struggling with the stress result's as i don't know how to analyse it. I read a lot of papers, and it is said that stress should not change if the material properties change for the same load. I also read that there are True stress and Engineering one, so i guess my stress result's are about the True stress as it changes depending on the material properties. 

      How does ANSYS perform the calculation of the stress ? when is stress higher with a simple material or reinforced one ?

      i am trying to make and justify assumptions.

      Thanks in advance for your help !


    • peteroznewman

      Please reply with images inserted that show your model geometry, boundary conditions (loads and supports) and the stress plot. If your model has reinforcement, show that separately from the other material.

      Also insert images from Engineering Data that show the table of properties for the materials you used in your model.

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