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stress analysis in assy

    • jerry.chen
      How can I do stress analysis in simple assembly shown in the picture? What boundary condition should I use between bracket and shaft? - two brackets, blue one is original, white one generated using move function from blue one - the shaft was generated using pull function - 3 separated parts (2 brackets, 1 shaft) -force will be applied at the middle of shaft  
    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hi  JC_TADC  

      You can give fixed support (from the setup menu) to the base flanges of the bracket and apply the force as you already seem to have done. Discovery Live will automatically assume contact between the shaft and the bracket. Click on the play button, von mises stresses will be displayed. 

      You can go ahead and changes to different types of stresses from the options above "show results"

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