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Stress analysis of an s-shape cantilever beam

    • eLeN_93

      I am trying to model a stress analysis on a one-supported cantilever beam (50x50 um^2 and thickness 200nm) that after the load is applied, comes in contact with the substrate creating an s-shape deformation. I have created my geometry and my model properly and I managed to create the load as well in order to have this shape by adding a variable load that follows a deflection function. My issue is that, although I define my fixed supports and my contacts in the model, after the analysis the cantilever ''ignores'' the contact constraint and penetrates the substrate. I have tried all the different types of contacts and that is the case. I also found in some supporting forums online that you can increase the stiffness of the substrate to avoid that, but still. Does anyone know how can I fix that? 

      Thank you in advance

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee


      Are you using the Default, ie Program Controlled Contact settings? 

      Vinayak Vipradas


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