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Stress of preintegrated shell element


    • Janne


      I have modeled a plate in Mechanical APDL using SHELL181 element and sectype,gens, i.e., preintegrated general shell section. I have input all the necessary section information (SSPA,SSPB, SSPD,SSPE) and the simulation runs nicely and solves. I can also observe and plot for example the translations.

      However, it is said in Ansys manual for preintegrated shells: "Shell stresses are not available for output; however, the stress resultants are available as ETABLE quantities.". Now, it makes sense when I try to countor plot nodal stress results that I get "The requested S data is not available. The PLNSOL command is ignored" warning. But what I do not understand, I get the same warning when I try to use element table (ETABLE). 

      In my code, I have put outres,all,all before solve command. 

      Does anyone have any help how can I obtain the stresses in preintegrated general shell sections?



    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
    • Janne

      Hi Ashnish,

      Thanks for the suggestion. That does not help. The reason is that preintegrated shell element does not have a thickness defined and therefore stresses cannot be calculated. They must be manually calculated from the stress resultants N11, N22, N12, M11, M22, M12, Q13, and Q23 that are in SHELL181 output data. Those can be recovered using ETABLE or ESOL and Item SMISC sequence number 1 through 8. I will edit this once I have done this succesfully so that someone with similar problem can learn from this.

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