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Structured vs Unstructured meshes

    • Ahmed Taher


      So, I have read and asked before about the topic of running the analysis as with structured, and unstructured meshes. Thankfully, I got answered with that "unstructured" meshes runs faster and uses less memory. That is correct and everything is fine, except one point which is, does it make difference in runs' results?

      I mean, I have tried same model, one with structured meshes and the other with unstructured meshes. Don't know what the problem is, but it seems to make a different failure shape. Here are some pictured calrifying what I mean:

      The model consist of a column subjected to axial load, in addition to a conical contact charge mid height.

      Failure of structured mesh:


      Failure of unstructured mesh:

      Is this correct? I mean, did I do somthing wrong while converting the model to unstructured meshes through this step:





    • Ahmed Taher

      Still waiting for any answer :)
      Thanks in advance,

      • Aniket
        Ansys Employee

        Unfortunately, this question can't be answered on public forums by Ansys employees, hopefully, others can chime in.


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