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Stuck with a geometry

    • mossaied2


      I am quite new to ansys. Recently I was trying to replicate the work of some paper. it was regarding fluid flow in zigzag and straight micorchannels.

      In the following picture the two channels I wanna implement in design modeler. 

      In all papers I read so far usually the solid silicon body (base at the bottom with two side walls) is constructed first then in the middle the fluid body is construed easily using "Tools" -> "FILL". However in the shown picture the situation is reversed. In both models the grey body is the solid silicon and the fluid flow is represented by the green body on both sides. 

      The problem I am facing now is that I can easily generate the solid silicon body which is the grey body in the shown geometries. However I do not know how construct the two fluid green bodies on the sides.

      Plz forgive me if this question is too easy or naive but I am really stuck with it.  

      Thanks in advance

    • raul.raghav

      You can build this geometry quite easily with Spaceclaim. Once you've created your solid silicon (grey body), you can use the Pull option in Spaceclaim to get the fluid regions (green bodies). Refer to the following videos to get an idea:

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