Ansys Free Student Software

Ansys Free Student Software

student.lic does not have any licenses for any product

    • Pramod95baikady


      I have the following issue while launching Ansys 19.2

      No license for any of the product

      Also, I tried opening Ansys Workbench, there I could not find Analysis Soltion Toolbox

      Analysis solution toolbox


      I have followed the other posts too. I have freshly installed Windows 7 OS and ran the setup with Run as administrator command only.


      Please help me in resolving the issue


      Thanks and Regards,




    • peteroznewman

      The license for 19.2 has expired.

      Read this to renew it.

    • Pramod95baikady
      Thank you Mr. Peteroznewman, I'll install the latest version.
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