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Sub-modeling Usage?

    • Ghost3507

      First of all I am quite confused between these three terminologies: SubModelling, SuperElement and SubStructuring.  Does all of them have the same functionality or they are different?

      My problem is: I have a very large structure/Assembly composed of specific parts, these parts I know where they are mated/attached to the assembly. For these specific parts I studied static analysis on them separately and I have their results. I want to import the  result of each part back to the full structure to lapse the analysis time for other components. 

      Example: in the IC Engine (I know there is a special analysis in workbench for, but let me use it as an example) we have -for simplicity- The Cylinder Head, 4 pistons, A Crank Shaft and Cam shaft, all of these parts are assembled to the engine compartment, so my plan is instead of studying the engine as a complete structure with all these components, I study every component independently then inherit their results to the Full structure(engine compartment).

      My questions is: Does the super-element helps to this operation or there is a different method of doing so ?

    • sk_cheah

      See here for an example of submodeling:

      Substructuring is the method you just described. Each condensed part is called a SuperElement. Here's a good description of it


      Kind regards,

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