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Sub timestep courant number in explicit VOF

    • Amit Kunte


      In adaptive timestepping, when the global courant number is reduced from default value of 2 to say, a value below 0.25, how does the sub time step courant number (co) get adjusted internally? Or does it have to be manually set to the desired ratio (default co_global/co_subtimestep =8).

      Eg: If I have reduced global co to 0.01, and not changed the explicit subtime co (default 0.25), then the VOF eqn is being advanced further in time than the other eqns? Is there a way to fix the ratio to a constant value in Fluent?


    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      I suggest to please check fluent user's guide on adaptive meshing: 35.13. Performing Time-Dependent Calculations (ansys.com). It gives complete explanation on the timestep. 

      Hope you will find this useful.

      Thank you.

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