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Subject: Understanding and Resolving the “Scoped Prism” Warning in Ansys Fluent

    • Paul Stephen

      Hello Ansys Fluent Community,

      I recently encountered a warning message while working on a meshing project using Ansys Fluent, and I would like to share my experience and seek some insights from the community.

      Problem Description:
      I was working on creating a surface mesh for a complex geometry and subsequently added boundary layers to improve mesh quality. However, during the process, I received a warning message in the console which stated:

      "The scope for the Scoped Prism is empty or incorrect. Please check the inputs and try again. If the volumetric regions are not computed, please compute them."

      Despite this warning, I proceeded with the mesh generation, and the volumetric mesh seemed to be acceptable in terms of quality.

      Questions and Discussion:

      Understanding the Warning: First and foremost, I'm curious about the meaning and significance of this warning. What does it imply when Ansys Fluent says, "The scope for the Scoped Prism is empty or incorrect"? How critical is it to address this warning?

      Scope Inputs: What are the typical inputs that could lead to this warning message? Are there specific settings or conditions that commonly trigger this issue, and how can we ensure our inputs are correct?

      Impact on Mesh Quality: I proceeded with mesh generation despite the warning, and the mesh quality seemed fine. Should I be concerned about this warning affecting the accuracy of my simulations? Are there any known consequences of ignoring or bypassing this warning?

      Best Practices: What are the best practices for addressing this warning and ensuring a high-quality mesh? Are there any guidelines or tips to prevent this warning from occurring in the first place?

      I'm eager to learn from the experiences of the community and understand how to handle this warning effectively. Your insights and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for your time and expertise.

      Best regards,

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      This warning tells you that the Scoped prisms are not applied anywhere. Did you select the location (scope) correctly?

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