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Submodelling 2 steps calculation

    • Gordievsky87

      Hi. I am learning the submodelling tool.

      I have a model with 2 steps load. The first step is the bolt preload, the second step is external forces on the model.

      The problem is max stress in the submodel doesn't equal the initial model with the same size mesh.

      The initial model has 369 MPa, submodel has 302 MPa.

      Tell me please how to set external loads to 2 step as in the initial model? I think the problem of inequality in this.

      More question, is it possible to turn on convergence for the submodel?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      This is around the contact and the two models have locally a different mesh around that area so it is expected - I would suggest to try this on a simplest of models say just a cantilever beam and then you should get the same/similar results more or less (as shown below, left full model, right image submodel).

      All the best

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      In the last 2 images, the global element size might be same but the mesh pattern is significantly different. The first mesh consists of only tetra elements while the second consists of both hex and tetra. This leads to difference in results. Also if you want to import results from a specific load step change the 'source time ' to appropriate value. Also, regarding your last question I assume by convergence you mean 'mesh convergence', you can right click on the stress result and insert convergence. Have a look at this
      " target="blank">
      Regards Ishan.
  • Gordievsky87

    I mean that there is no convergence tool in the submodel whereas it has in the initial model.

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