Sudden Temperature jump for solid

    • divpatel

      I m doing ANSYS fluent simulation, where the fluid is the water, the solid portion is the fins, and the flow is flowing at Reynolds of 20, so laminar flow with energy turned on, and heat flux of 10000 w/m^2 is being added to the system from the top, here i have given the flow and the solid the initial temp of 300k , but the solid has the sudden jump in temperature, and then slowly rises which makes sense as it heats from the top more heat is progressively going to get transferred from fluid to solid, what i cant explain is the sudden temperature jump .

      i have attached some pictures, if someone can let me know about this, of if I have set the initial temp in wrong way. do let me know thank you,

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      What size is the time step?
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