Supersonic 2D Ramp Air Intake Outlet Back Pressure

    • BarisBicakci

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to run viscous simulation for Supersonic flow over 2D Ramp Air Intake of McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle with using SU2. But I have a problem with Outlet boundary conditions. As a result of the simulation, when the flow passes through the throat of the air intake, it slows down as expected due to the oblique shocks and decreases to subsonic speeds. But the problem is that as the flow moves towards the outlet, it speeds up again and reaches supersonic speeds. Everything I tried to prevent this was unsuccessful. No matter how much I changed the Outlet Back Pressure, the result was still the same.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      This is an Ansys Learning Forum and since you are using SU2, I would suggest you to write to them or post your question in any other general CFD forum. Thanks!
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