supersonic air flow simulation in LS-DYNA ALE

    • MADAYE

      hi gays,

      one of my friend have a problem while using DYNA ALE to simulate parachute inflation in supersonic flow. he ask me for help, and I don't know how to solve it too. so I came here for help. here is his question.

      I had some problems with ALE in calculating the deformation of parachutes with respect to supersonic flows.The parachute force calculated by ALE reaches a stable stage in a very short time, but in real situation, the force will fluctuate greatly for a long time.
      I wonder if ALE module can be used to calculate this kind of supersonic problem?If ALE can calculate this kind of problem, I would like to ask which keywords need to be adjusted to achieve the long time fluctuation of parachute force?ALE SIMULATIONEXPERIMENT RESULT


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